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Building apps for a better world

We provide tailored technology solutions that empowers social organizations,
software that enables social organizations to reach further

First step: Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are a crucial tool in our daily lives

Cellphone ownership


own a cellphone
64% own a smartphone

(all stats sited here)

Technology is the key to survive in today’s world


is too expensive for social organizations!


Avg cost for apps with backend

Only 3.2% of

A nonprofit's budget goes to technology

Our bold solution


Students seeking real world, client-facing experience participate in Deverse programs. These Deversers are taught all the fundamentals of development and client relations, and build the majority of the front-end interface for the clients.

At Deverse, we add value to two communities

Social Organizations

We are a startup that connects individuals and social organizations with fundamentally new opportunities. We strive to change the way social organizations approach their own missions, and to give passionate and motivated individuals the chance to make a real impact on the world around them.

Deverse and Social organizations Deverse and social organizations have needs Deverse bridges the gap Deverses and social organizations add value to each other

Campaign goals

We are a group of passionate individuals who want to give social organizations & students a better future. To continue delivering and expanding the reach of our mission, we have these campaign objectives

  • Raise funds to fuel coming projects & resources
  • Recruit more talented and motivated individuals

  • Take Action

    This summer we are raising funds to fuel the future! Anyone will have the opportunity to help us orchestrate the education for Deversers and develop software for social organizations by directly donating. You can even earn cool Deverse swag based on your donation amount, check back soon!

    Donate through the link above or click the join button to send an inquiry email to telling about yourself and what your are looking to get involved with. This is the first step in becoming a Deverser or part of our team!

    Our Secret to Success

    We have a talented team that makes programs like the Summer Apps Program a success. We teach students by example with individual dedication, and motivate them through the mission of our clients.